At Palm Valley Church we are a place where all people matter.  Our Family Life Buddy Ministry exists for your family.  Your child matters to us and will be loved and welcomed just as they are.  We know that families impacted by special needs have to overcome barriers all throughout the week and we do not want attending church to be one of those barriers.  We care deeply about your family’s connection to the church and strive to create loving, fun, and safe environments for your child.


As a ministry, we know that parents have the most impact on their child’s spiritual development. It is our joy to partner with your family to provide you the opportunity to enjoy the adult worship service while we invest in your child.

In order to provide the best and most individualized care through the Buddy Ministry, your child will be registered under one of two categories:

Children that attend a general, age-­appropriate classroom at school, and whose parents and PVC leadership agree are able to integrate into their age-appropriate ministry are considered Level 1.


Level 1 Buddies are checked directly into and out of the ministry area they attend according to age and will have a “Level 1 Buddy” notation on their tag. This level does not require any advance notice prior to attending service, once the child has been enrolled in the Buddy Ministry.

Children who need one-­‐on-­‐one or one-­‐on-­‐two care are considered level two.


Level 2 Buddies will be paired with a consistent Buddy volunteer. The Buddy volunteer will work to build a relationship with you and your child. This relationship is integral to creating the loving, fun, and safe environment. The success of the Buddy Ministry relies heavily on communication to strengthen relationships and provide safety for all buddies. We ask that parents communicate if their child will be in attendance to your child’s Buddy volunteer. If a family arrives for service, without having communicated with their Buddy volunteer, we are not able to guarantee care for them. In such cases, the family may utilize the Family Viewing Room.


Our Level 2 Buddy Ministry is offered at the 10:00AM and 11:45AM services at the Goodyear Campus.

We look forward to building a relationship with your family and sharing God’s love with you! 


How Do I Enroll My Child?

 Visit to complete an enrollment form or pick up and complete a Buddy Ministry Enrollment Form from their age appropriate “Buddy Studio.” This form is a valuable and required resource to ensure the best possible experience for your child.

What Is the Timeframe of My Child Being Able to Participate In the Buddy Program?

 We cannot guarantee a pairing immediately but will do our best to accommodate your family based on the number of volunteers.  While awaiting a Buddy volunteer pairing we encourage you to attend service and take advantage of our Family Viewing Room.

How Is A Buddy Volunteer Chosen For My Child?

The Buddy Enrollment Form asks a series of questions that will help us determine your child individual needs, temperament, and the necessary qualities of a Buddy volunteer.  We then look at our current volunteers to find the best fit.

What If My Child Doesn’t Respond Well To The Chosen Buddy Volunteer?

Buddy volunteers love serving your family and caring for your child, however if, at any time, the relationship between your child and the Buddy volunteer is not the right fit, we will re-evaluate the pairing. If necessary, we will search for a new Buddy volunteer.

Where Do I Check In and Pick Up My Child?

All participants must be checked in and wearing a name tag before entering any of our PVC Kids or PVC Students areas, including the Buddy Studios.

Kids are checked in, by a parent, at any of the PVC Kids check-in kiosks and then meet the Buddy Team at the PVC Kids Buddy Studio.

Students are checked in, by a parent, in the Warehouse and then meet the Buddy Team at the PVC Students Buddy Studio.

What If I’m Not Able To Communicate With My Child’s Buddy Volunteer Prior To Attending Weekend Services?

If you are having trouble contacting your Buddy Volunteer, please contact Davinia Perrin, Buddy Ministry Coordinator, as soon as possible so we can make alternate arrangement for your family.

Contact Us

Davinia Perrin

Buddy Ministry Coordinator