A Personal Note from Pastor Ryan

Christmas at Palm Valley Church is one of my favorite times of the year.  One of the things I love about it, is how diverse our church body is. There are so many different traditions from so many different cultures and backgrounds that are represented in our church body.  No two people celebrate Christmas the same way…and that is awesome!


Despite these beautiful differences, what unites us is that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus.  I know that no matter what your current life circumstance is, keeping Jesus at the center of our Christmas celebrations can be difficult.  Not in the sense that we don’t want to, but that there are so many other things competing for our attention.


This page is a one stop destination for Christmas at Palm Valley Church.  On it you will find information about what is going on this month as well as some resources to help you keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas.


My prayer is that we as a church would be an encouragement to you this Christmas Season by providing practical resources and opportunities.  Take some time to check out the page and I look forward to seeing you at one of our many Christmas Services this year!



The Countdown to Christmas podcast is a daily opportunity for you to hear the Christmas story from its very beginnings. Using Pastor Ryan and Adrienne’s “Countdown to Christmas” book as a guide, we will be starting at the very beginning of the Bible and telling the story of the coming of Jesus.  This is a great way to stay connected and centered on the Christmas account throughout a very busy season.  Each day is about five minutes long and can be listened to anywhere.

“For God so loved the World that he GAVE his only son.”

It is God’s character to give.  When we give we are reflecting God’s character.


For years Palm Valley Church has been providing an incredible experience for families in the Avondale Community through Toys and More.  As the event has grown, so have the partnerships we have formed.  Come join us as we provide gifts, food, community resources, and the message of Jesus with our community.


Nothing gets you in the spirit of Christmas like giving and serving!

Ways to Get Involved


We are working with the Agua Fria food bank to provide some food assistance for the families who are participating in the Toys & More Project. The food bank has requested that we collect specific food items so they can assemble boxes for families.


Printed lists are available at Connecting Point during weekend service times.

-Instant Potatoes


-Turkey Gravy

-Cranberry sauce

-Canned Green Beans

-Canned fruit

-Canned Peas

-Canned Corn

If you have food items you wish to donate, please drop them off at Connecting Point at our Goodyear Campus by December 9th.


There are many ways to volunteer before and during the Toys & More Events. Opportunities are available for adults and students in middle school or older.


EVENT DATE: December 15, 2018
LOCATION: Avondale Middle School


Details about each opportunity are available when signing up. If you are bilingual and willing to help translate, please let us know when you sign up.



You will be redirected to a SignUp Genius form.


If you have any questions, email Tere Tucker at tere@azcommunityimpact.org.

Invite, Invite, Invite!


When you have good news, it’s natural to share it.  Every Christmas we have the best news to share with our friends, family, and community. But they won’t hear it unless you invite them.

Have a conversation, be creative, it doesn’t matter how you extend the invitation – just find a way.

To help with this process, we created a couple of stickers for you grab at your local campus, or to print out on your own!



You can also use the power of social media.  Use your Facebook page or Instagram account to extend the invitation as well.  Below you can find some cool shareables to download and put on your feeds. Just click on the one you like!

Christmas Services at Palm Valley Church are a West Valley Christmas tradition.  Come join us for a fun filled, inspiring Christmas Service.  A mixture of new and traditional Christmas music along with an engaging telling of the Christmas Story.


We have incredible services planned as well in PVC Kids. Skits, games, fun activities…your kids will have a blast at Church while learning along the way.


Middle School & High School students are invited to attend services with their parents.


431 N. Litchfield Rd.
Goodyear, AZ 85338




December 22nd | 5 PM
December 23rd | 8 & 10 AM, & 12* PM
December 24th | 4* & 6 PM
*Escuche en Español


3000 S. Apache Rd.
Buckeye, AZ 85326




December 24th | 4 & 6 PM











December 23rd | 10 & 11:30 AM & 6 PM
December 24th | 4, 6, 8*, & 10* PM & 12* AM
*No chat

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