A Message From Pastor Mark

The local hospitals and staff are some of the most pressure filled places to be and work right now and so as a church we wanted to support our local hospitals and employees in this crisis. We have connected with Abrazo West Valley and Abrazo Buckeye Emergency Center to support them in the best way possible. As we reached out they stated they are being pushed to their limits and so morale has been low and encouragement is needed. So we are providing encouragement through written notes and signs for their breakrooms. And of course, we make sure that their breakroom is fully loaded with snacks of every kind, especially since we heard that their breakrooms have very little if any snacks in them. The hospitals have many breakrooms so we have partnered with 8 other West Valley churches to fully supply the breakrooms of each hospital staff member. This is the perfect way for the Church to be unified in support of all of our hospital staff at our local hospitals.



To partner with us you can donate individually packaged snack items (everything must be pre-packaged and not home baked. Items like Nuts, Candy bars,Granola bars, Chips, Cookies, Slim Jims, etc) and written notes/signs of encouragement every Thursday from 2-5pm at the Goodyear campus. We will continue to collect until this crisis is over so that each hospital employee knows that we are here in support of them.

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