When I put on my glasses in the morning it only takes a few moments before I adjust to them and forget that I have them on. Same thing happens with sunglasses; at first I notice the tint, but after a while I forget that everything I am seeing is being distorted by the color of my lenses. There have even been experiments done where people are given glasses that invert what they are seeing. They are viewing everything upside down! Yet after a while our brain re-wires its signals and we begin to interpret upside down as right side up.


Here’s the problem. Everyone views the world through a certain set of lenses…they color and shape everything we see. These lenses are created by our beliefs, experiences, biases, political leanings, culture, etc. Most of the time we are completely unaware of how they are shaping and coloring the way we view the world. This reality comes to light when two people begin looking at the same thing and realize that it looks very different to each other.


Have you ever wondered why two people can look at God and the Bible and come away with completely different takes? Lenses.


In this series, we are going to attempt to do something very difficult, but ultimately extremely healthy; we will identify the lenses we wear and attempt to remove them.


In our culture, we naturally tend to view the Bible and God through the lenses of our experiences, beliefs, biases, political ideas, economic situation, and cultural influences. What if instead, we viewed all of those things through the lens of the Bible?

At their core, Faith and science seem to be at odds. Do I have to check my brain at the door to become a Christian? Do I have to ignore scientific facts to believe the Bible? What is a healthy approach to wading into this conflict?

Morals dictated by majority vote, political parties and their platforms, consumerism as a way of life. Do we take what is popular and what we agree with and look for Biblical support, or do we see what the Bible says before making an informed decision?

Emotions are some of the most dramatic lenses we view the world through. Our feelings at a particular moment can dramatically affect the way we interpret conversations, our perception of events, and decisions we make. This is concerning because emotions come and go, but the decisions we make can last a lifetime. How do we recognize when we are viewing things emotionally and what do we do about it?


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