The Game of Life

Although life has its fair share of ups and downs, like a game, it’s meant to be enjoyable. In The Game of Life, we are going to talk about four common questions that people ask themselves whose answers will bring joy and purpose to their lives: How can I be successful? What really matters in life? How do I get along with my family? Does God really care about me? 

Week One: $100,000 Pyramid

Just like The $100,000 Pyramid, our lives can be full of high stress situations. We’re all familiar with these situations: being pressured to move up a tax bracket, climb the corporate ladder, or even just show off in front of your neighbors. But if there’s anything that The $100,000 Pyramid taught us, it’s that working together is the solution! Join us as we talk about the importance of serving and the way it can help us avoid the traps of life.

Week Two: The Big Game

It’s game day! Join us the Sunday of the biggest game of the year as we talk about life– the game never meant to be played alone. We’ll talk about the importance of close relationships with those in your huddle and playing on the team of God’s Kingdom. We’ll even get you home in time for kickoff!

Week Three: Family Feud

Family members see the best and worst of each other. They’re there through the good times, and through the times of conflict. Join us as we ask questions like: What’s the best way to navigate conflict with those we love? How do we fight fair? What can I do to help my relationships flourish?  Survey says you won’t want to miss this weekend!

Week Four: The Price is Right

How well do you think you would do as a contestant on The Price is Right? Could you guess the value of a new toaster? What about a bike? Do you know how much you’re worth? Jesus paid for our sins with his life, and he views us as absolutely priceless. Want to hear more about what this means for us? Come on down!


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