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A lot of people have been hurt by the church. Judged. Disenfranchised. Disappointed. Misled. Policies over people.


People check out Palm Valley Church each and every weekend carrying wounds from the past church experiences.  For some, it’s their first time back in a church environment for many years because of the pain they suffered.  It takes a lot of courage to try again.


At Palm Valley Church we strive to create an environment where people matter.  We are not perfect.  We will make mistakes.  But we strive to correct them when they happen.


So what makes Palm Valley Church different? We believe that we don’t go to church, we are the church. The church is a group of people, not a building or organization.  It is a community.  It is a family.


If you have been sitting on the sidelines thinking about getting back to church, this is the perfect time.  During this teaching series we are going to explore who we are as a church.  It’s a reminder for those who attend regularly, an overview for those searching, and a motivation for all about the impact a healthy church can make in a community and around the world.

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