A service designed specifically for Middle School and High School students with intellectual, social, and physical needs.

What is SNS?

Our Special Needs Service (SNS) is a weekend service at the Goodyear Campus, with Youth Mentors who will ensure students are having a safe experience. This service is designed to be more appropriate for those with sensitivities to lighting and sound levels, and to provide an opportunity for all students to develop peer relationships in a safe social setting. Other Middle School and High School students are also encouraged to attend.

How does my student begin attending SNS?

If you have a student that you believe may benefit from attending SNS, we would love to have them join us for a weekend to experience this service.

Once you make the decision to have your student begin attending SNS, you will have the opportunity to meet with a mentor and share more about your student, and how we can best ensure a positive experience, and partner with you as a parent.

Students can attend SNS until they graduate High School, or you feel that the 678 (Middle School) or HSM (High School) service would be a more appropriate fit.

Would SNS be best for my student?

Our desire is to partner with you as parents, because we believe you know your student and their needs best. Here are a few of the differences to consider between SNS and a 678/HSM service:


  • To ensure safety at all times, SNS students must be dropped off and picked up by a responsible party at least 16 years of age.
  • 678/HSM students are able to come and go during service without restriction.


  • At SNS, social development is encouraged through adult mentoring and peer relationships.
  • At 678/HSM, social disruptions are discouraged and students are expected to talk, act, and engage in conversations at appropriate times only.


  • SNS attendance is needs-based, allowing students of different ages to participate.
  • 678/HSM attendance is based on grade level.


  • At SNS, the atmosphere is designed to minimize triggers and over stimulation.
  • At 678/HSM, the atmosphere involves high audio levels, strobe lights, group games, and focused times of peer and or mentor communication.


  • SNS will have higher mentor to student ratios with a goal of 1 to 5.
  • At 678 /HSM services, mentor to student ratios are approximately 1 to 12.


  • SNS mentors are in communication with parents, which allows them to be aware of each student’s story and specific goals.
  • 678/HSM mentors’ are available to partner with parents, however, mentors are not partnered with specific students.



If you have questions or are interested in being a part of SNS, please email us at pvcstudents@palmvalley.org.